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We are a dedicated group of golfers and tennis players that are passionate about our sports equipment. It has taken years of trial and error, but we have come to recognize that the proper equipment makes all the difference!


Sourcing the right stuff

Innovation in both tennis and golf equipment over the past 20 years has been astounding. New racquets, strings, clubs and balls have revolutionized the game(s), however, there are select examples where the oldies are still the goodies. Classic Prince, Head, and Wilson racquets can still pack a punch on the court, while clubs such as the venerable ping eye 2's can still be found in the bags of avid golfers today. We know what works and more importantly, where to find it! 

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A solution tailored to you

Contact Us and let us know what you are looking for? Is it the latest and most current offering out there, or are you looking for a more classic solution? Odds are we have tried it and have experimented with it. We help players from all over the world, including Asia, North America, and Europe find the precise equipment they are looking for, and at the right price. 


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We are passionate about getting the right piece of equipment to you when you need it. So email us:

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